Multiple anti-war posters collaged together
“Endless” for "UnWar" @ MIT's ACT Gallery 2022

"the key condition for ending wars and maintaining peace on our planet, indeed the key to its very survival, is the disarmament of this culture of war... In such a complex war-ending project, the preferred term should be “Un-War””

– Krzysztof Wodiczko,

Protest Queer Liberation March poster

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the New York City Artist Corps

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Fractured Selves

Interactive Non- linear storytelling

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Protest NYC title

 Protest NYC
Interactive Archive

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The Biggest Obstacle

Feature documentary film

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Installation and Performance

Superchief Gallery

Queens, NY 2018

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Street intervention performances at 21 locations on the streets of New York City 2017

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The Trump Series

NYC 2016/2017

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Art in Odd Places Festival

NYC 2016

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Broken 2016 Psoup Kitchen 2015 The 99% 2013

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Irish artist, Gearóid Dolan, a.k.a. screamachine, a.k.a. G-man

studio located in the East Village, New York City

art exhibitions in Ireland and USA

designing and producing multidisciplinary activist artworks with an emphasis on time-based media

composing and producing Jungle / Drum 'n' Bass music for the underground dance scene

as well as audio works for site-specific and gallery installation.

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