Protest is an ongoing series of installations/performances/videos/street interventions featuring footage shot at many protests in New York City, starting in 2003 with the massive anti-war rallies in advance of the Iraq war. More recently, the 2 years of Occupy Wall St. protests, Black Lives Matter protesting the (now many) killings of black men by police, including Travon Martin and Eric Garner and the Anti-Trump protests of 2016 and on. Each protest produced a semi-animated documentation of the protestors, their signage and their interractions with the NYPD. The videos concentrate on the pagentry of protest, the graphic nature of the placcards and signs, the police branded vehicles and such, along with the cacophony of the protest chants and sounds.

Presented in many different forms, with multiple channel video projections, audio and performance elements, street interventions and interactive installations, Protest continues to evolve as the protest movements do.

© Gearóid Dolan, 2008. All rights reserved