Psoup Kitchen 2015

Psoup Kitchen is an interactive multimedia pseudo soup kitchen that delivers food via interactive devices, accompanied by projected animations and audio.

Participants are introduced to the pserving machines and encouraged to try. The first, the Psurrender Identity Pstation, has the participant put their face in a box where they are photographed and then receive a plastic photo ID with bar code. This barcode gets the Barcode Bagels device to release 1 bagel.

Another, the Document Noodles device, is a paper shredding machine that drops the shreds of paper into a container of bubbling water and outputs servings of shred size flat noodles. The servings are released each time a page is shredded: participants can choose between different pages (corporate, federal, religious, snowden docs, bills and more) to shred. For Psocial Psecurity Psoup participants must input their social security number on a keypad.
The Contract Psandwich device scans the ID card and delivers sandwiches wrapped in “shrinkwrap contracts”, a binding legal contract between the person who opens the wrapping and screaMachine
Participants get to keep their unique printed photo ID card and eat delicious food
Winner of the NYSCA Film, Media and New Technology Award, the Psoup Kitchen creates a mechanical bureaucracy that the user has to navigate through in order to get their food, drawing attention to the politics of charitable giving and the manipulation of the vulnerable in their time of need. It explores the intersection between giving charity and delivering a message, be it religious, corporate or federal. It entices participants to trade their identity and carry out meaning-laden tasks in order to eat. It both attracts and pushes away at the same time... it tantalizes with lights and sounds and the aroma of good food; it delivers strange and confused pseudo messages and provides a strange interactive experience. It also draws attention to issues of Identity, Security and Surveillance.
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