D-Void: Passage of Enlightenment
Burning Man Festival 2011
interactive video installation
D-Void: Passage of Enlightenment is an interactive video passageway that, when activated, takes the participant through a series of animation and audio sequences that attempt to indoctrinate the subject into emptying their minds of beliefs and embrace the void, nothingness.
Presented with a strong sense of irony and humor, with swirling video feeds, animated text and sampled voices, the passageway surrounds the participant in a mesmerizing atmosphere, working its way from slow and abstract to faster and organized into a full dance beat, finishing with a set of step down phrases, bringing the participant back to reality.
After completing the session, the participant is given a momento pendant to wear, to display their adoption of the new belief system

D-Void Passage of Enlightenment
Participants are enticed to enter the passageway:
Enter Deluded, Exit Illuminated
Inside the passageway, participants press a red button on a podium to start the sequence. Standing in front of the podium, they are surrounded by animated video images and sounds.
After completing the session, participants exit the passageway and are rewarded with D-Void "schwag": pendants they can wear to identify themselves as enlightened.
D-Void: Passage of Enlightenment was located on Esplanade and 8:45, as part of Kostume Kult's frontage, @ Burning Man Festival 2011

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