screaMachine presents
A series of performances with collaborating artists
a three person performance event featuring:
Gearoid Dolan (a.k.a. screaMachine), Ireland/New York
Aine Phillips, Ireland
Jana Leo, Spain/New York
Running time: 1 hour
  performance sequence
1. "Drag"
screaMachine8  minutes
2. "Watch No Touch"
Jana Leo3 - 15 minutes
3. "Baby Cake" Aine Phillips8 minutes
4. "(Gotta) Keep It Up" screaMachine10 minutes
5. "Touch No Watch"
Jana Leo3 - 15 minutes
6. "Milk Spill" Aine Phillips8 minutes
Aine Phillips' work investigates the personal and public face of maternity, abortion and female sexuality, exposing cultural contradictions and our own unease with such subjects.
Jana Leo deconstructs the peep show and porn industry which play upon male desires and needs while often subjugating working women. She removes the power of the participating voyeur by blinding or immobilizing, and turns the audience into voyeurs of the participant.
screaMachine dissects the religious, social and mass media indoctrination as relates to sexuality. The audience witness his endurance of these burdens, and celebrate their release.
The artists each present their bodies and actions with no sense of guilt or pleasure. They are sexual beings presenting sexual topics in a non sexual manner. The deconstruction and re-presentation of images and actions that are normally reserved for adult titillation or take place in the privacy of a home or medical facility, serve to diminish the power given to them by our (Western) cultural/social institutions. While the U.S.A. claims to be the land of the free and boasts liberation for all, it has a puritan backbone that is not (as) present in Europe. The male and female view points brought by these European artists offer a refreshing angle on topics that have become difficult and painful here in America.
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© Gearóid Dolan, 2004. All rights reserved