"Drag" consists of a data projection on the floor of the gallery. Prior to the performance, it shows a mock open bible on the floor. The bible is about 10 x 14 feet in size, and its text is clearly legible, revealing that it is an amalgam of tracts from the real bible, all referring to sexual rules and regulations, controlling female and, to a lesser degree, male behavior. Gathered together, the texts make for a synopsis of christianity's attitude toward sexuality. During performance, the artist drags a real bible, by means of a string attached to his penis, across this image of the bible. As the real bible tracks across the image, it apears to erase the image revealing another image below. This new image is one of the artist and lover, naked against a plush red fabric background, involved in an embrace, loving but not pornographic. The artist drags the bible in an inward spiral, slowly eating away at the upper image and revealing the below until all of the' rules's are gone and sexual happiness remains. After performance, a view of the performance in progress, shot from directly overhead, is projected on the floor and looped. The viewer sees the bible laid on the floor as before, but now sees it being erased and reappearing, only to be erased again.

View Drag @ Moving Image Gallery 2000

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